A Cleaner Future

Our Definition and Position on Clean Label

Tasty, “good for you”, sustainable.

Your customers love tasty food. They want to make sure that the food they eat is good for them and are always looking for better food solutions.

They also care for the impact of their actions and decisions on the environment. They look for more sustainable options.

Knowledge is power

What your customers want before all is to understand. They want to ask questions and get transparent answers. A label or a claim is not enough anymore, they need to understand it. They want experts to explain, in a simple way. They want to be able to take their own enlightened decisions, to create their own balance depending on their needs, their habits and own convictions.

A Clean Future: an engagement.

That’s why, at Vandemoortele, we  work on A Cleaner FutureMuch more than just a label, it is an engagement towards you and your customers. An engagement to provide always better food solutions. An engagement to be more transparent and to guide you and your customers in the quest for personal balance. Because for us, that’s what shaping a tasty future is all about.



Vandemoortele Better for you

Finding the best balance

At Vandemoortele, all our products are the result of a continuous quest towards a Tasty-Healthy-Sustainable balance. Creating our recipes and our products is a question of finding the best balance: we add, we remove, we combine, we try, we adapt and we always look for better, delicious options. Our R&D team looks for new processes to enable us to always improve the "Better for you" balance: example improving ingredients: wholegrain, plant based, etc. or improving nutrients like fibre, protein, vitamin  & mineral content. 


Our Masters of Taste look for the perfect texture, the most delicious taste and love to share these practices with you. Our procurement and sustainability teams look for more sustainable ways to source top quality ingredients. It's all about Balance. 

Each ingredient plays a role in the balance

All the ingredients in our recipes have a function in the creation of the perfect balance. Some ingredients are “classics” like flour or vegetable oils, others are called “ food additives”, "flavours",  "nutrients", .. The food additives have a technical function to play in the creation of the "Better for you" balance: they improve food safety, prolong conservation to avoid food waste, improve texture and/or appeal for example. Sometimes they even make it possible for the product to exist, like low fat margarines only made possible thanks to emulsifiers.

For all the ingredients, the “classic” and the “additives” we always try to find better solutions: safer, more natural and more sustainable.

Another step forward in the quest for balance: our Clean label

Clean Label


In 2020 we even went a step further in the quest for balance by introducing our Vandemoortele Clean Label. Through this label, we want to deliver more food that is “better for you” with transparent information and clear communication, in the framework of a varied and balanced diet and an active lifestyle.



We created this label in 2020 to address some of your customers’ expectations and concerns. For some products, with our current knowledge, we cannot provide a “clean label” alternative as removing or replacing some elements makes it impossible to guarantee our "Better for You" balance, where Tasty, Healthy and Sustainable play a combined role in creating the top-quality product we want to offer.

In 2022, we updated our definition following the evolving of customers’ expectations. In our new Clean Label definition we reduced the list of permitted additives to 4, removing citric acid (E330), emulsifiers E471, E481 and raising agents (E450i, E500ii) from this list. 

Clean Label will be granted to the food products whose list of ingredients:

  • no artificial colorants
  • no preservatives
  • no hydrogenated oils or fats
  • no high fructose corn syrup
  • no chemically modified starch

If needed for functional reasons, only the following additives will be permitted in our CLean Label definition: 

  • Carotenes (E160aii/iii)
  • Ascorbic acid (E300)
  • Lecithin emulsifiers (E322)

We explain, we evolve, we do better.

Our clean  label approach goes further than creating a label, we want to answer the questions your customers ask themselves about the ingredients in products and their role. That’s why we created a Vandemoortele Clean Label FAQ . This FAQ  will be continuously enriched and updated. And of course, our R&D will keep innovating to always improve our "Better for You" balance.  

Shaping a Tasty and CleanER Future is an ongoing process