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Are you a food lover?

At Vandemoortele, our corporate tagline 'Shaping a tasty future' embodies our mission of bringing great taste, believing that food should be a source of joy. With our employer brand tagline 'Share our taste for life', we want to empower you to achieve this mission with us. Together.  We value you as a person and actively support you on your professional journey, while caring for your future. Join our big little family and let’s make products for you and the world to love

We cherish our big little family

Our associates are the beating heart of our company – they bring the flavour to our organisation. We cherish each member, prioritising their well-being and supporting their professional journey. As a global family business, we foster a human-centric approach where everyone feels welcome and valued. In order to create a collaborative and inclusive culture we prioritise an open communication and accessible connections throughout the entire company.

We encourage togetherness, emphasising collaboration and teamwork in an environment where our associates feel equally involved, supported and valued. Embracing an organisation seasoned by multiple cultures, we promote diversity and foster inclusivity, motivating each individual to contribute their unique talents and ideas to our company. We strive to create a workplace where we celebrate successes together, share laughter and find joy in everything we do.


At Vandemoortele we value each one of our associates and recognise their unique contributions to team successes. We place great importance in giving our associates the freedom to shape their own professional journey. Therefore, we foster an environment where individual contributions and ideas are supported and nurtured, encouraging our associates to take control, seek solutions and believe in their own strengths.

We value a friendly atmosphere, where there is room for meaningful conversations, active listening and constructive feedback. We want to provide our associates a way of working that harmonises business aspirations with personal lives. We recognise the importance of work-life balance and overall well-being, providing everyone the opportunity to grow and thrive in a supportive and flexible working environment.


We believe in the power of our associates and the value of their actions and support their career aspirations by offering internal mobility and promotional opportunities. We embrace individual ambitions and provide our associates four options to reflect on their career paths: broaden – open – sustain or lead. This empowers them to pursue their ambitions and increases their motivation and job satisfaction. We encourage our associates to create a successful professional journey and entrust them to take ownership.

With our various learning programmes and growth trainings our associates can develop new competences, acquire knowledge and increase their professional growth. We motivate our associates to open up about their career aspirations, fostering a culture of open communication. In that way we can provide the possibilities that align with their ambitions and support them in our shared mission to shape a tasty future. With our various learning programmes and growth trainings our associates can develop new competences, acquire knowledge and increase their professional growth.


At Vandemoortele, we believe that the future lies in our hands. Our associates can shape a better tomorrow for their families, our company and the world around us. That’s why we believe that caring for the future starts by caring for the ones close to us, our big little family. Therefore, we are committed to providing a stable and supportive work environment that places the utmost importance on the safety, security and overall well-being of our team.

We offer opportunities for growth and the confidence of job security, enabling our associates to take on new challenges and expand their horizons within our company so they can cultivate a successful professional futureWe invest in the future of our company through innovation and R&D, ensuring our associates a working environment that remains reliable and resilient for future challenges.


We are a team of passionate food enthusiasts. In our mission to shape a tasty future we strive to create a wide range of food solutions that connects people, cultures and traditions. Our team is privileged to be able to add taste to the world with the products they love and we want to support them on that meaningful journey.

We encourage our associates to think beyond and deliver the best taste, best quality and best service that not only meet current needs but also anticipates on future demands.  We offer an innovative, clean and healthy workplace where our associates can create with passion, produce with joy and spread the products to the world with love, ready to be loved by our customers and consumers.

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