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BAKE'UP® by Banquet D'Or®

As a trusted partner to essential businesses everywhere, we know efficiency and consistency are equally as important as quality and taste—which is why our exclusive Bake’Up® technology offers:

  • 6x Faster :No proving. No defrosting. No glazing.*
  • Up to 60% smaller than pre-proved products and can therefore save up to 60% in storage and logistic costs**

The products can go straight from the freezer into the oven - saving bakers a lot of time. All BAKE'UP® products can be baked perfectly in a hot air oven, a rack oven or a pressure cooker. Specific equipment is therefore not required! An extreme level of convenience, as well as an excellent taste, makes BAKE'UP® by Banquet D'Or® an attractive choice.

Find out more HERE   about the baking instructions or discover our DO-IT-YOURSELF tutorials, created by our chef Johan Coppens. Now you save time while preparing, we have some interesting tips & tricks to upgrade your pastry. 


* compared to raw pastry ** compared to pre-proved pastry



Banquet d'Or

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