Essential Fit Range

Fit Range - Insights

Soy Grits

Soybeans are rich in protein. Soy is a complete  protein. It contains all nine essential amino acids, being an important source of protein for many people, especially those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Oat Flakes

Oats are a widely consumed wholegrain. While oats are most famous for their fibre and  plant-based protein content, they also deliver a delicious, full taste experience.

Seeds decoration & pointed ends

The fit range is beautifully decorated with seeds. The pointed ends give a high qualitative & artisanal look.

Fit Range - Benefits

Ingredients: liquid active sourdough, wheat flour, rye flour, oat flakes, soy grits, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds

- Matching the Vandemoortele Clean Label definition

- 100% plant-based

- Source of fibre and protein, source of  omega 3 and copper

- High in manganese

- The rich taste of oats & soy with seeds

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