Bake'up® All Butter Mini chocolate roll - 30g

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0,030 KG
5,400 KG
70,0 cm
180 units

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Breakfast Coffee break On the go

Conventional oven:
- Baking time defrosted: 20 - 22 min.
- Baking temperature:1 60 - 165°C.

Convection oven:
- Baking time defrosted: 20 - 22 min.
- Baking temperature:170 - 175°C.
Info: Open the damper without steam.

Do not refreeze after defrosting. 

French inspired delicacies offering an exceptional level of convenience. The pastry products go directly from freezer to oven and proof as they bake.

In addition the products save you up to 60% volume in transport and storage.

Enjoy the superior taste of traditional crafted pastry products.

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