Square Sourdough Bread

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  • Defrosting time: ± 60 min.
  • Baking time: (180-190 °C): 12-17 min.


LES PAINS PÉRÈNES DE ROLAND COTTES® are authentic sourdough breads with natural ingredients according to an original recipe from the Pyrenees.

Our LES PAINS PÉRÈNES DE ROLAND COTTES® breads do not only look good, they also offer the customers a unique, traditional French taste experience. This is the result of the dedication which our master bakers set to work: every bread gets their full attention for 40 hours, from kneading to baking.

The distinctive sourdough and the slowly risen dough ensure that the taste develops perfectly. Add to that the authentic baking method on a floor oven made of lava rock and you have the open crumb structure and extra crispy crust that no one can resist.

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