Bake'Up® by Banquet D'Or®

From Freezer To Oven

Ready to bake your Bake'Up®? Download here quick and easy baking instructions.  Delicious croissants and chocolate rolls. no defrosting nor proving needed. Multiple languages available.

Lifting up French Flavour

BAKE'UP® is an exclusive patented technology for pastry products, with clear advantages compared to other technologies. The new BAKE’UP® products are not only flattened but also have multiple arches, making them rise and BAKE’UP® equally.

It is a unique freezer to oven concept of high quality French inspired pastry products. BAKE'UP® offers numerous benefits in comparison to raw pastry or preproved pastry.

• time saving (no proving, no defrosting, no glazing)

• less product waste

• save transport and storage costs

• reduce product carbon footprint

DIY - easy and fast creations

Bake'Up® technology makes you save time as no proving, nor glazing or defrosting are required. Ready to use this time to shape your creativity? We have created diverse easy and creative tutorials. 

From topped mini croissants to original shapes, find out more HERE to unleash your imagination. 

About Banquet D'or®

Banquet D’Or® makes authentic French baked goods that are easy to bake, easy to love. Banquet D'or is founded in Belgium in 1983 by the Vandemoortele food group. Banquet D’Or® offers classic French bakery items made with high quality French ingredients—real butter and cage free eggs—without requiring expert-level baking skills to achieve fresh, expert-level results.

Banquet D’Or®’s ever-growing portfolio includes an assortment of European bakery products that adhere to clean label standards, sourcing only ingredients labelled non-GMO and using no artificial colours or preservatives, among other guidelines. These bakery products are available in different finishing levels, according to the needs of the professional chef and foodservice end-user.