Artisan Baker

Help your customer make sustainable choices

The importance of sustainability is raised everywhere these days. But what does that imply for artisan bakers? We have collected several ways in which sustainability can positively impact your business.

Sustainability: What’s in it for you?

  • You meet the demand of your customers who care about sustainability
  • You attract employees who believe your efforts offer real added value.
  • You save money by making the right sustainable choices.

Take the first step with Vandemoortele

By buying our products, you already make a big step towards becoming more sustainable. If you choose our products, such as our margarines or blends from GOLD CUP®, ST-ALLERY® or ST-AUVENT®, then you opt for

  • Sustainable ingredients
  • Recyclable and recycled packaging
  • An energy-efficient supplier

Butter or margarine?

Margarine is made of oil obtained from plants, seeds and kernels. Because there are no cows involved, the production process requires less land, water and energy.

Opting for margarine or blends instead of butter therefore means an active choice toward reducing emissions of the greenhouse gasses CO and methane.

Tips on how to become more sustainable

  • Choose a sustainable supplier, like Vandemoortele.
  • Use margarines or blends instead of butter.
  • Experiment with cotton bread bags, paper bags and reusable bags.
  • Learn about where you can save energy, and thus money.
  • Make sure your customers are aware of your sustainable initiatives.

Communication is key

Be sure to show off your sustainable efforts! How? Here are a few ideas:

  • Show your customer what you do to make the production process more sustainable, with a poster for example.
  • Organize promotions encouraging sustainable behavior.
  • Mention you work with a sustainable supplier on your bread bags.