At Vandemoortele we are committed to ensure responsible conduct on ethical, social and environmental issues. 

Together with the Earthworm Foundation and our suppliers, we continue to look for ways to make a real difference on the ground. That change is made by setting clear goals and taking concrete actions.

"By working together with farmers, suppliers and local communities, Vandemoortele aims to tackle environmental and social problems that exist in the upstream supply chain." 

screen landscape project

Since 2018, we have been contributing to Earthworm Foundation’s initiative in the Aceh Landscape in Sumatra, Indonesia.

 "Landscapes are places where we collaborate to regenerate nature and improve people’s lives."

The Aceh area is one of the largest unbroken tracts of rainforest in Southeast Asia and a very biologically abundant place. The landscape project aims to reduce deforestation and shows a balance in between production, conservation and good social and labour practices.


By supporting this locally embedded programme, we want to make a positive contribution that goes beyond our own supply chain.


Discover more about our initiatives in our palm progress report

About Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele was founded in 1899 as a Belgian family business, and has continued to grow and develop ever since. Over the last two decades, we became a European food company with leading positions in two product categories: Bakery Products (BP) and Margarines, Culinary Oils & Fats (MCOF). We are known for supplying innovative and high-quality products.

In 2021 Vandemoortele realised a turnover of around EUR 1.3 billion with 4,800 (permanent and temporary) associates. The Vandemoortele Group headquarters are located in Ghent, Belgium. We have commercial offices in 12 European countries, as well as in the United States. We operate on more than 28 high-quality production sites all over Europe, in order to ensure proximity to all our key markets. We export from Europe to 95 countries worldwide.

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