04 Sep 23

Vandemoortele unveils its unique Employer Branding Story

Behind a strong company, there is always a strong team, and in our case, we can proudly call it ‘our one big little family’. Since the beginning, our organisation has embraced a people-centric approach where every member is respected and valued. As we have grown from a local business to a global company, we recognise the importance of having a clear Employer Mission. By building a strong Employer Brand and delivering a compelling Employee Value Proposition we can build a team of talented individuals and nurture a positive, supportive, diverse and inclusive work culture.

In 2022, an international project team from Vandemoortele, supported by external experts in employee communication and employer branding, started a comprehensive employer branding exercise in collaboration with all our Vandemoortele entities.  Today, we are delighted to reveal the result of our journey: a dynamic Employer Mission that incorporates a robust Employer Brand Tagline, "Share our taste for life," and embraces our distinctive Employee Value Proposition, which consists of five key pillars.

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Share our taste for life

At Vandemoortele, our corporate tagline ‘Shaping a tasty future’ embodies our mission of bringing great taste, believing that food should be a source of joy. With our employer brand tagline ‘Share our taste for life’, we add an emotional layer to what we promise our associates, highlighting the benefits, opportunities and advantages of working at Vandemoortele. Together with our core values of Respect, Ambition and Cooperation, our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) embodies the essence of who we aspire to be as an employer and what we have to offer to current and future associates. We value you as a person and actively support you on your professional journey, while caring for your future. Join our big little family and let’s make products for you and the world to love!


How we defined a unique Employee Value Proposition for Vandemoortele?

Marc Croonen, Chief Human Resources, Sustainability & Communications: "By listening to our team. Our associates have played an important role in shaping our EVP. We actively engaged with our associates to understand their values and aspirations, seeking their input on what they truly desire from Vandemoortele as an employer. By combining their feedback with our organisational vision, we determined five strong EVP pillars that serve as a common goal. Our employer mission not only meets the professional needs of our team but also nurtures their well-being and personal growth. By living our values, we not only shape our own culture and reputation but also create a supportive environment where our associates can flourish and make a meaningful impact."

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Let's shape our Employer Brand

Flore Couvreur, Group communication manager: "To guide and empower this journey, a comprehensive Employer Brand Book has been crafted, providing invaluable guidelines and insights for internal and external stakeholders. This document serves as a navigational tool, alongside a dynamic Recruitment Toolbox and a contemporary Career Website we will launch at the end of the year. Together, these resources facilitate the implementation of the employer brand strategy in our local entities, reinforcing the unity of Vandemoortele's work culture, shared values, and unique benefits for both current and future associates."

F Couvreur

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About Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele was founded in 1899 as a Belgian family business, and has continued to grow and develop ever since. Over the last two decades, we became a European food company with leading positions in two product categories: Bakery Products (BP) and Margarines, Culinary Oils & Fats (MCOF). We are known for supplying innovative and high-quality products. 

In 2022, Vandemoortele realised a turnover of around EUR 1.7 billion with 4,600 associates (permanent and temporary). The Vandemoortele Group headquarters are located in Ghent, Belgium. We have commercial offices in 12 European countries, as well as in the United States and Asia. We operate in 29 high-quality production sites all over Europe, in order to ensure proximity to all our key markets. We export from Europe to approximately 70 countries worldwide.

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