09 Sep 17

Vandemoortele founding member of the Spanish Foundation for Sustainable palm oil

At Vandemoortele, we care about the future. We make great tasting and enjoyable food in a responsible way. We believe it is important to continue to work on raising awareness of the benefits of sustainable palm oil for the food industry
In June 2017, Vandemoortele established the ‘Fundación Española del Aceite de Palma Sostenible’, together with Unilever, Ferrero, Lipidos Santiga, Gracomsa and Natra. 
The Spanish foundation was created to improve knowledge and raise awareness of the benefits and characteristics of the most used vegetable oil in the world. The foundation will also play an active role in promoting transformation in the sustainable palm oil supply chain, with the aim of achieving the target of zero deforestation by 2020.
Please click here to visit the website of the Spanish Foundation for Sustainable Palm Oil 

About Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele is a leading European food group that manufactures and sells high quality food products. Vandemoortele focuses on two activities: Bakery Products and Margarines, Culinary Oils & Fats.

In 2020  Vandemoortele realized a turnover of around EUR 1.2 billion with 4,500 employees. The Vandemoortele Group is present in 12 European countries and the United States, with its own sales organizations and/or production facilities. The head office is based in Ghent, Belgium.

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