06 Apr 21

Risso® evolution combi - Sprayable semiliquid fat for easy browning in the combi steamer

If you want to protect your product from drying out while cooking / baking in the COMBI STEAMER, try our NEW RISSO®EVOLUTION COMBI.

The light and ergonomic bottle with a wide opening helps to poor easily in the spraygun and back in the bottle if desired.

Risso Evolution combi

Once sprayed onto the food you want to cook or bake, RISSO EVOLUTION COMBI will enhance the browning process in the oven and protect the product from drying out.

As a result you will obtain a attractive looking juicy and/or crispy product with a slight butter flavour.

The product contains Omega 3-fatty acids, is suitable for Vegans and Halal certified.

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