04 Sep 18

Celebration of a significant landmark in the history of the Vandemoortele Group

Ghent, 28 August 2018

Jean Vandemoortele, chairman of the Board of Directors and Jules Noten, CEO, laid the first​ 'symbolic' stone of the new head office of Vandemoortele in Ghent, the Food Experience Center, on 28 August. 

Enjoy watching our video! 


Jules Noten, CEO: "We’re together today to start the building project of a Food Experience Center. And it’s not just about the bricks, but it’s also about our own behaviour, our own working together. We want to create a space where customers, our employees, also international employees can come together, connect and inspire each other to make the best food of the world.​​"



A time capsule: the transition to a new future

We asked each team that moves to the new building to collect one or more items linked to their department a​nd to put them in a 'time capsule'. This capsule symbolizes the transition to a new future. ​After the speeches were finished, several WOW Stewards (=ambassadors of the New Way of Working) got the chance to present their item(s) before dropping it in the capsule. Once all items had been collected, the capsule was sealed and our chairman of the Board of Directors stepped into the crane to bury it.

Foodtrucks and drinks

Afterwards all employees present were invited to enjoy the food at our foodtrucks (Focaccia and French fries) and mocktails prepared by our culinary advisors.

Shaping a tasty future!

The world is changing at a fast pace. And so are we at Vandemoortele: Shaping a tasty future. "Bringing great taste in your kitchen, at your table and on the go", that's our mission and our value proposition to our customers. 

The Food Experience Center aims to bring our products, customers and employees closer to each other and literally in the center of our company. It is an expression of the long-lasting commitment of the Vandemoortele family to build a sustainable, solid and longstanding successful business in the Food industry. Building the Food Experience Center is the hallmark for the company and a big step in our journey of change in many ways. A journey which will change the bricks, the bytes and behaviour at Vandemoortele. 

The Food Experience Center is of strategic importance to the business as it will bring customers in-house and make them sense and feel our products 'in the making'. The new building will be State of the Art, in many ways. 

About Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele was founded in 1899 as a Belgian family business, and has continued to grow and develop ever since. Over the last two decades, we became a European food company with leading positions in two product categories: Bakery Products (BP) and Plant-Based Food Solutions. We are known for supplying innovative and high-quality products. 

In 2023, Vandemoortele realised a turnover of around EUR 1.9 billion with 4,080 associates (permanent and temporary). The Vandemoortele Group headquarters are located in Ghent, Belgium. We have commercial offices in 12 European countries, as well as in the United States and Asia. We operate in 29 high-quality production sites all over Europe, in order to ensure proximity to all our key markets. We export from Europe to 72 countries worldwide.

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