Focaccetta pollo e pesto

Cooking Time

30 mins

Serving Suggestion

1 person


Allergy information

How to make Focaccetta pollo e pesto


Thaw the focaccetta and bake briefly for 7-8 minutes at 200°C or toast under the grill.


Cut the chicken fillets into thin stripes and marinate them in olive oil and finely chopped herbs.


Grill the fillets until they are nice and brown and are cooked through.


Rub the pesto into the base of the focaccetta and fill with spinach leaves, grilled chicken, avocado and, if required, pesto dressing.


Garnish with fried pine nuts and wafer-thin slices of Parmesan cheese.

Ingredients used

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Other Ingredients

Fresh chicken fillet
Olive oil or sunflower oil
Avocado or guacamole
Young spinach leaves
Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, salt and pepper

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