Our Brands

Baker's margarines®

Baker's margarines® are the highest quality industrial margarines you can find on the market.

We supply innovative and tailor-made margarines to all types of food producers, from local producers to big multinationals.

We like to co-develop new products together with our customers. Bringing together our know-how gives the best end result.

Product range

  • A broad range of margarines and fats for all types of bakery applications: butter creams, cakes, waffles, short crust pastry, croissants, Danish and puff pastry,…
  • Our Baker’s Classics range contains the best fit for each bakery recipe: next to a broad standard range, we have a lot of tailor-made products, as each customer has his own unique production process and product specifications.
  • We translate our expertise in products that are in line with the most important trends in the food industry in our 5 inspiring product ranges:
    • Baker’s E-Free :margarines free from additives.
    • Baker’s Taste: margarines and butter blends that provide extra taste to our customer’s products.
    • Baker’s Low Fat: margarines with a reduced fat content while maintaining taste and functionality, allowing our customers to make nutritional claims on their products.
    • Baker’s Low Sat: margarines with a reduced saturated fat content.
    • Baker’s Organic: Range of certified margarines and fats for the production of organic food products.

Packaging possibilities

Depending on the product structure, we can pack the product in one of the following packagings:

  • extruded 10kg blocks, stacked on plastic or wooden pallets, with cardboard protection or cardboard-free
  • liquid filled semi-solid products, filled in bag in boxes of 10 to 25kg
  • (semi)-liquid margarines, shortenings and fats, packed in metal drums (200l) or IBC containers (1000l)

Certification possibilities

  • Our products can be produced according to the different RSPO certification options (Certificates, Mass Balance, Segregated)
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Organic

Technical support

Each of our customer has a unique production process, and hence requires a specific solution tailored to its equipment and way of working. Our dedicated Industry R&D team is our key asset: they provide invaluable support to our customers.

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