Deliciously baked

The process of delivering our daily bread means that bakers need to get up at dawn. Our products can be supplied raw, par baked or fully baked to easily prepare in store – buying you time in the mornings.

As a European bread manufacturer, we understand that bread is a very regional thing. Our production facilities all over the continent are set up to respond to their local tastes, keeping true to local recipes and creating authentic ciabatta, Kaiser, baguettes, boules, paves…

We have a classic bread range, under the BANQUET D’OR® brand, which includes all types from white to brown bread, grey to multigrain. Then we have the shapes: triangles, rectangles, loaves, baguettes, rolls, bagels, pretzels. And we get inventive by adding flavour with olives, seeds, nuts or figs.

Our specialty breads are those that are produced in a unique way. One example is the floor oven breads, which are really baked on a hot floor in our factories. Another is our sourdough, which is still produced in the only way bread was made in the past. A portion of a sourdough starter (a fermented dough) is added to the batch to make it rise, and another portion is kept to use in future batches – meaning that every loaf always contains a tiny portion of its predecessor. LES PAINS PÉRÈNES DE ROLAND COTTES® uses the most traditional recipe in our portfolio, to produce this forgotten taste over and over again. 

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