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LANTERNA® is our range of focaccia, ciabatta and pizza, made with authentic Italian flavour and character. ‘Lanterna’ means ‘lighthouse’, which is the symbol of Genoa, the largest Italian port on the Mediterranean, where the company originated. The founder of Lanterna was a descendant of an ancient family of Genoese bakers.

Lanterna products use only the best quality virgin olive oil in all their products. We believe the true taste of Italy is the taste of pure genuine, simple ingredients.

Focaccia is deeply rooted in the history of Genoa. The famous, thin, oiled bread was only originally distributed during church ceremonies, but then seeped in to every day life. Ours is crisp on the outside and wonderfully soft on the inside, using a recipe close to its origins. It is made with no artificial flavours or colourings, uses only fresh ingredients and is sprinkled with the best Italian olive oil. It is supplied frozen, easy to bake off and consumable at any time of the day.

Ciabatta, with its rectangular shape, crispy crust and light as air dough, was originally made with leftover dough. Our ciabatta has a hint of sourdough to give it its own specific flavour, is baked for a few minutes and supplied frozen. Interestingly, ciabatta is Italian for slipper.

Our pizza are made according to tradition with authentic ingredients and no artificial colourings. A credible base is as important as the topping, and our Lanterna pizzas have both. They can be baked off in the oven quickly and easily.

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