Oils for frying, baking, cooking, stir-frying,... for vegetables, meat or fish. We have them all. We developed specific oils for reduced spattering, odour, foaming and discolouration.

The origin of our oil products is in rapeseed, coconut, palm, sunflower, soy, olive, …

We have worked towards specific health claims like Omega 3 and 6, cholesterol lowering, additional vitamins and minerals, low in trans-fatty acids and saturated fats, no hydrogenated fats. On top of that we continously search to offer more natural product E-number free, organic, natural flavourings, non-GM, Certisys (organic).

We are expert in sourcing sustainable and ethical raw materials and are accredited in many areas like RSPO certified palm oil, RTRS certified soy bean oil.


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