Ready to serve, ready to enjoy

There are five types of ranges in our vast patisserie selection. Most are available in individual portions, pre-cut or as a whole.

Our luxurious bavarois selection features over 70 variations, where we get artistic with fruit and chocolate and biscuits and add drama with flavours like speculoos and tarte tatin. We are particularly proud of these beautiful creations. We bring them to market under the brand LA PATISSERIE DU CHEF®.

Our mousses, which are available in cups, are another selection of artistry. As well as the classics like chocolate, we have dreamt up creations that use ingredients like yogurt, granola, rhubarb or tiramisu.
Our American style cakes, under the name THE ORIGINAL CAKES®, are authentic State-style favourites like rocky road dome cake, red velvet cake and carrot cake.

We also have traditional cakes and tarts, such as frangipan and Sahne rolls, which are created for local preferences and traditions.

We start producing our Galettes des Rois in June for the many European traditions which begin in September. We make 16 million of them a year, 95% are sold in France under the brand PANAVI®.
We put in the fèvre ourselves, by hand, so there’s no cheating.

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