Corona update

Hygiene & safety recommendations

Bakery corner: clean, cleaner, cleanest, safe

In association with all other members of the AIBI (International Association of Plant Bakeries), we’ve defined a set of clear recommendations to ensure hygiene and safety in the bakery corner of your supermarket.

When bake-off operators and store personnel respect these recommendations – in addition to the existing hygiene rules in supermarkets and the additional prevention measures issued by national governments and health authorities – bake-off products can be considered perfectly safe.


  • Wash and disinfect hands

        First and foremost, wash and disinfect hands frequently.

  • Use disposable gloves


    Wash and disinfect disposable gloves equally as bare hands, and replace them on a regular basis.

  • Wear protective face masks

        Wear face masks to provide additional protection, and change them regularly.

  • Disinfect shop equipment

       Disinfect handles on displays, food pliers or grippers and slicing machines on a regular basis.

  • Disinfect the protection lid

       Present fresh bakery products in displays with protection lid. Disinfect the lid frequently.

  • Use transparent packaging

       Leave the (preferably transparent) packaging open in order to preserve maximal crustiness.

  • Protect your customers

       Increase the hygiene measures for self-service: provide disinfection gel and/or disposable gloves in the bakery corner.

  • Communicate – say what you are doing

        Tell your customers what you are doing to ensure safe products. And instruct them what they must do.

  • Walk the talk – do what you say


        Show your customers that effective hygiene and safety measures have been put in place and are being followed by store personnel.


Share these recommendations with all bake-off operators and store personnel. We know that a constant state of alertness demands a lot from staff members - so, for everyone’s safety, remind them of these recommendations on a regular basis. Even better: hang them up high as a reminder.

For your further information, you can read AIBI’s full position paper on bake-off in corona crisis here.

We are referring to the following sources:

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> At your disposal for any advice to guarantee the continuity of your bake-off activities