Shaping a tasty & safe future together

Beating corona virus together

Guaranteeing quality and safety when it comes to bakery products is of utmost importance to us. And the corona virus will not change that. Let’s keep on shaping a tasty AND safe future together!

Who would have left those freshly baked rolls and pastries untouched a few weeks ago? Unfortunately, the Covid-19 crisis has been raising a number of questions from both customers and consumers about the hygiene and safety of bake-off and unpackaged products in supermarkets.

At the same time, retailers and suppliers are being asked to work together to meet the challenges and ensure continuous food supply to consumers.

We want to let you know that you have our support and that we want to help you keep your in-store bakery fully operational and your customers happy ­– after all, bakery products respond to a basic nutritional need.

With our joint effort, we can guarantee the safest possible bake-off products, throughout the entire bake-off process, and reassure consumers that all proper hygiene and safety measures have been taken to provide them with fresh, tasty AND safe bakery products!

We’ve defined a set of clear recommendations to ensure the hygiene and safety in the bakery corner of your supermarket. To reassure consumers, we’ve developed a ‘bake-off support kit’ you can display in the bakery corner.