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Bakery products

We are a leading European producer of bakery products with a range of over 3000 bakery items.

We supply artisanal bakeries, restaurants and quick service restaurants, catering, supermarkets and food industries who bake and finish our products as fresh, tasty products for the consumer.

Margarines, culinary oils & fats

We produce top-quality and innovative margarines, culinary oils and fats under own brands and for our customers’ brands.

We have been developing fats since 1899, and we have stayed well ahead of the trends and needs of the industry ever since.

Margarines, culinary oils & fats

Today's artisan bakers are craftsmen. Just as an artist needs different paints for particular effects, artisan bakers need all kinds of margarines, fats, bread improvers and mixes for their creations.  

Cooking with fats is an art, and also a science. Fats react differently according to application, and we research and test the technological possibilities without having to compromise on flavour or user-friendliness. We also have teams working on creating healthier fat alternatives and have developed innovative ranges that balance functionality and taste with practical cooking structure.

We make products for end consumers, and also ingredients for use by chefs, bakers and in industrial environments.

We established the Vandemoortele Centre for Lipid Science and Technology with the University of Ghent in April 2012 to improve our understanding of edible fats, and to understand the likely patterns of the diet of the future.

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