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Baker's® margarines

Baker's® margarines are the highest quality industrial margarines you can find on the market.

We supply innovative and tailot-made margarines to all types of food producers, from local producers to big multinationals.

We like to co-develop new products together with our customers. Bringing together our know-how gives the best end result.

The Baker's margarines range:

  • A broad range of margarines and fats for all types of bakery applications: butter creams, cakes, waffles, short crust pastry, croissants, Danish and puff pastry,…
  • Our Baker’s Classics range contains the best fit for each bakery recipe: next to a broad standard range, we have a lot of tailor-made products, as each customer has his own unique production process and product specifications.
  • We translate our expertise in products that are in line with the most important trends in the food industry in our 5 inspiring product ranges:
    • Our Baker’s E-Free range only contains margarines which are free from additives.
    • Baker’s Taste: margarines and butter blends that provide extra taste to our customer’s products.
    • Baker’s Low Fat: margarines with a reduced fat content while maintaining taste and functionality, allowing our customers to make nutritional claims on their products.
    • Baker’s Low Sat: margarines with a reduced saturated fat content.
    • Baker’s Organic: Range of certified margarines and fats for the production of organic final products.


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